3 Tips for making your outdoor parties greener

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Many of us like to have people over on occasion…. sometimes we even like to have many people over and it can create a mess along with a poopton of garbage.  That does not mean, however, that you need to change your “green” ways.  Here are a few tips to making your backyard blasts a little more green.

1.       Set up recycling – You will likely need to have a garbage and why not set up just a few to help your guests help you recycle.  Now, you probably don’t want to make this a Rubik’s Cube of recycling, but just a few bins designated for, and clearly labelled, recycling products can go a long way.  Setting up a bin for cans, bottles and trash can help you be  more environmentally aware.

2.       Consider a Keg – If you are having a BBQ where you expect beer to be drank, consider purchasing a keg instead of cans/bottles.  The kegs are usually reused and if you are using recycled cups, you can sleep a little easier knowing that you helped be a little more friendly to the world.

3.       Keep the sprays green – Bugs suck and you might be tempted to spray crap all over the place to help keep them away.  Try to find green and healthy alternatives to help you keep your yard bug free and environmentally friendly.


Workplace Recycling

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At work, I noticed a lot of paper gets tossed in the garbage.  5 steps away we have a recycling container.  I wonder why people don’t take the additional steps to help reduce waste.  Is it weird that I always pull out the paper waste from the garbage and move it to recycling?  I get a little embarrassed when people catch me doing this, but I always follow it up with a comment like, “I’m a recycler.” 

Is there anything that you do to conserve, recycle or reuse that you find embarrassing, but you do it anyways?  Is there anything that you wish your employer would improve on, in terms of going green?  If so, I would love to hear about it.


Make your walks greener

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I’m an avid recycler, and I was shocked today when I went on my daily walk that I noticed lots of cans, bottles along my path and I didn’t do anything about it.  What shocked me even more is how many people also walked past this waste and also didn’t do anything. 

Going forward, I vow to leave my walking path cleaner than it was before I walked by.   I will pick up cans/bottles and dispose of them in an eco-friendly way.  If we all did our best to pick up one piece of  garbage on our walks, just imagine how clean our city would get?