21 ways to conserve electricity

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  1. Turn off the lights when you leave the room.
  2. Unplug things when you are not using them.
  3. Turn off the television.
  4. Open shades instead of turning on lights.
  5. Change to CF or LED lights
  6. Instead of leaving your computer on all the time, turn it off or at least the monitor
  7. Line dry your clothing
  8. Cleaning the coils on your refrigerator.
  9. Put large jugs of water in your freezer
  10. Keep the heat down if you have electric energy.
  11. Turn outdoor motion lights off if you do not need them or turn down the sensitivity.
  12. Try using a Solar Cooker once
  13. Install solar panels
  14. When cooking, use a lid to keep the heat in.
  15. Install a Tankless water heater
  16. Buy a hand can opener instead of wasting electricity on the plugin version
  17. Put wrap on your windows to conserve energy
  18. Stay away from high power usage TV models
  19. Use power strips and turn off the entire strip when not in use.
  20. Buy a solar power battery charger
  21. Turn off your computer right now… but only after reading a few more posts on GuyGoesGreen and leaving a comment below! 
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  1. guy says:

    Smart ideas!

  2. Taiba says:

    Thanks, This helped me a lot for a science poster I was supposed to make in Science class! I’m sure Mr Caluya (my science teacher) will love it! XD

  3. A very thorough list. I would also add additional insulation to water heaters, that typically helps a lot. Also, even if you are using gas, I would still turn down the heat, we are paying for energy one way or another.

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