A Green New Year’s Resolution

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Now is the time, most of us start to think, what will the new year bring? Has this past year been a good year, and we also start to think what can I do differently in 2010? That’s right, it’s resolution time? What have you vowed to give up, to lose, or to start a new? We all think about these things, and sometimes we take on too much to handle. This year, we should all vow to do something green.

Besides my personal goal, to complete a half marathon in May, Ben and I want to do other things to benefit our health. We already had a successful year in the garden, but this is the year to go pro. We are starting to accumulate canning supplies and continue to seek out the rest of our stock in thrift stores throughout the city. You can’t get any greener than that.

This year we plan to learn how to can and freeze our garden goodies. I love the idea of eating our own fresh food; food we know doesn’t contain pesticides and other chemicals. This year alone we have stopped purchasing canned tomato product, like spaghetti sauce and diced tomatoes. We had a really good growing season for tomatoes.

Just recently Ben and I watched the movie Food Inc. and I took away a lot of different feelings toward the food I buy at the grocery store. I was shocked and horrified the way our food is processed, not only animal product, but also produce. It makes me want to cut out anything but organic and and homegrown food. I strongly suggest you to watch that movie. Please leave us a comment on what your New Year’s resolution will be in 2010 and any comments about Food Inc you’d like to share.

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