Household cleaners and the poisons among us – a week in review

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If there is one thing that I have learned about household cleaners this week that shocks me, it is how potentially dangerous they are.  Most household cleaners are full of poisons that are toxic, potentially cancer causing and all around nasty stuff.  It has become difficult for me to understand the logic in spreading a thin layer of poison over everything in the name of supposed cleanliness.  We have made some changes and will hopefully explore this topic even more in the weeks to come.

We took the remaining “bad” cleaners we have and gave them to people who may be able to use these items.  I don’t really like the thought of passing poisons on to others, but since these families will use the cleaners anyways, I would rather it go to use rather than be wasted.  So, we have given away most of our traditional cleaners.

We have begun using cleaners that are supposed to be green alternatives.   Ashley has been using cleaners that are green and has experimented with homemade cleaners prior to this blog.  I have stopped using the other cleaners and will try to work with what we have.  Also, I would like to try to make more of our own cleaners since that seems to be the healthiest and most environmentally friendly option.

Beyond the potential health issues, there is also an environmental impact to using these cleaners.  Poisons end up going into the garbage and down the drain.  This stuff ends up in our landfills and the ground.  The containers are also wasteful and end up wasting space in the landfills.  If we can start using more homemade concoctions, this will help reduce our waste.

It has been a good week once again and I have learned quite a bit.  Please let me know your stories or tips on household cleaners below AND stay tuned for next week’s task.

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