Week 1 update – Looking for interesting green or environmentally friendly blogs

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I have to be honest that Ashley did not give me the most difficult task to complete this week.  My only task is to spend time on the internet finding interesting things on the internet.  For anyone that knows me, this is not really any different than what I usually do.  I am, however, still on a search for the 3-5 blogs that I need to send back to my wife Ashley.  Can you help me find the green blogs I am looking for?

If you read my previous post, part of my task is to start following The Daily Green, Tree Hugger, and worldwatch.org.  I now have these sites in my RSS reader and have been paying attention to the information that has come across.  Of note, and oddly humorous to me,  US consumers now find gas efficiency to be more important than the number of cup holders when purchasing a vehicle.  Apparently, four years ago this was not the case.  I also learned that Halloween paint sometimes contains toxic chemicals.  And here I was just about to have some Pumpkin Brown face paint soup. 

The second part of my task is to find 3-5 good sites or blogs for me to follow and recommend to Ashley.  If you know of any good green websites for me to follow, please leave a comment with the URL or contact me directly at ben@guygoesgreen.com

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