Workplace Recycling

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At work, I noticed a lot of paper gets tossed in the garbage.  5 steps away we have a recycling container.  I wonder why people don’t take the additional steps to help reduce waste.  Is it weird that I always pull out the paper waste from the garbage and move it to recycling?  I get a little embarrassed when people catch me doing this, but I always follow it up with a comment like, “I’m a recycler.” 

Is there anything that you do to conserve, recycle or reuse that you find embarrassing, but you do it anyways?  Is there anything that you wish your employer would improve on, in terms of going green?  If so, I would love to hear about it.

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  1. Nora Wegener says:

    I am the “recycler” in the office. When I started the recycling program I had quite a few in the office who thought I was a “radical” but now they are pretty dedicated to recycling as long as someone else (me) does the transporting.

    I placed a bin at each desk with a recycling logo on the bin so that they each know this is the place that paper goes. I also set up bins in other areas of the office designated for newspaper, plastic, cans and cardboard.

    I have been doing this for six years. The one complaint I have about our “recycling” program is that when I am on vacation, no one takes it upon themselves to transport the recyclables to the recycling center leaving me with a large amount to transport upon my return. This would be the one thing I would like to improve upon, assigning another person to help with recycling.

  2. Le-Chat says:

    I live next door to a community gym. My yard gate face their entrance. School kids have phys-ed class there. They leave a lot of trash on the street. If I leave it eventually cleaners will take it away, but especially the plastic soda and water bottles won’t be recycled then I fear. So now that we have plastic collection bins in the neighbourhood I often pick up the bottles to take them later on with my own waste plastic to the recycling point.

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